Rogue Company: New Event Shows Trench Changed Forever

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New event in Rogue Company features Trench forever changed. The conflict between the Rogue Company and rival organization Jackal rages on.

Today the update “Revelation” for Rogue Company was released, which brings among other things the new story event “Fallen Heroes” and a visual overhaul of the agent Trench.

The conflict between the Rogue Company and rival organization Jackal rages on. A planned assassination attempt on one of the pillars of the Rogue Company team almost succeeded, but Trench survived. Marked by the failed attack, Trench now appears with a fierce look instead of a smile on his face.

All players now have access to Trench’s new look and voice. His usual look is also still available as the Classic Trench outfit. In the new story event “Fallen Heroes” players gradually learn what happened to him. In order to unveil new chapters, certain missions must be completed in matches. Completing these quests will also reward you with unlocking free cosmetic items, including an outfit for the new Trench.

The update also offers innovations in terms of gameplay, for example gadgets now have cooldowns. This is to curb their overuse, which has been a regular criticism of the community. Various gadgets have been adjusted as part of this change, and some agents have access to the new Handyman perk, which reduces gadget cooldowns.

Last but not least, the new update brings the completion of the mastery rewards: At mastery levels 8 and 9, special expert and master outfits are unlocked for all agents. To master characters in Rogue Company, all players need to do is play enough matches with them. In addition to the outfits mentioned, other cosmetic items can be unlocked for all agents, completely free of charge.

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There are patch notes for the update here. You can see more impressions in the following live stream recording:

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