Hisui discoveries with 3 new monsters – That’s why the event is worthwhile

Hisui Washakwil in Pokémon GO

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Pokémon GO will launch the Hisui Discoveries event on July 27th. 4 new monsters are included and the hyper bonus makes raids really worthwhile. All info.

San Francisco – On July 27th, a new event will start in Pokémon GO: “Hisui Discoveries” will bring 3 new monsters for the trainers’ collection. The regional forms are very different from their known relatives and even have new advancements. Niantic is also giving away more bonuses and reasons to watch the event in Pokémon – like one of the best raid bosses in a long time.

name of the game Pokemon GO
Release (date of first publication) July 06, 2016
Publishers niantic
series Pokemon
platforms Android, iOS
developer niantic
genre Augmented reality, mobile

Pokémon GO: Hisui Discoveries – All important times and info

Then the event starts: The 6th Anniversary Birthday Event in Pokémon Go has only just ended when the newest event has already started: “Hisui Discoveries”. It starts with the new monsters on June 27th. You then have a good week until August 2nd before the event bonuses disappear again.

  • Begin: July 27 (Wednesday) 2022, 10 a.m
  • End: Tuesday, August 2 (Tuesday) 2022, 8 p.m
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Numerous other events in Pokémon GO are waiting for the trainers in July 2022. However, much of the special content is intended to take place primarily outdoors. As developer Niantic explained to us in an interview, Pokémon GO should return to its origins and be played primarily outside. But what can you expect from the “Hisui Discoveries”?

A new boss is coming in Hyperbonus: At the end of the event, all trainers will benefit from a new raid boss and free raid passes. Hisui Washakwil comes as Shiny in Hyperbonus. Clarify how strong the new monster is.

Pokémon GO brings Hisui Washakwil © Niantic in hyper bonus

Pokémon GO: Birthday Anniversary Event – 3 new Pokémon and their evolutions

The 3 new Hisui Pokémon: Hisui Discoveries brings three new Event Pokémon from Generation 8 to Pokémon GO. What is special about the so-called Hisui forms is that they change monsters that have been known for years. They have a new look, but more importantly, new type combinations. These are the 3 new monsters and their evolutions in the Hisui Discoveries event in Pokémon GO:

  • Hisui-Fukano: Fire + Rock type – Evolution: Hisui Arcani
  • Hisui-Baldorfish: Dark type + Poison – Evolution: Myriador
  • Hisui Sniebel: Type Fighting + Poison – Evolution: Snieboss

Keep in mind that it is not yet clear exactly how you get the three evolutions of the Hisui forms. Anyone who has played Pokémon: Legenden Arceus for the switch already knows the new additions, everyone else gets an overview here:

The 7km Eggs in Hisui Discoveries: From June 27th to August 2nd, you can look forward to special monsters in your hatched 7 km Eggs. You will find the 3 new Hisui Pokémon (Hisui Fukano, Hisui Baldorfish, Hisui Sniebel) and Hisui Voltoball, which has been in Pokémon GO for a while.

Can the new Pokemon be shiny? Unfortunately, no. The 3 new Pokémon from Hisui and their evolutions cannot be caught as shiny variants in Pokémon GO, at least not directly during the “Hisui Discoveries” event. So if you want your new Arcani with an alternative color, you have to be patient indefinitely.

Pokémon GO: Hisui Discoveries starts – all event Pokémon in the wild, field research and in raids

Here are the Pokemon in the wild: Niantic turns the spawns properly for the event. You’ll encounter different Pokémon than usual while walking around (or from your sofa at home). All monsters have in common that they are inspired by the story of the Switch game Legenden Arceus. In Pokémon GO, this means these spawns for “Hisui Discoveries”:

  • extra*
  • Ponyta*
  • onix*
  • Hisui Voltobal
  • Tangela*
  • Eevee*
  • porygon*
  • stylus*
  • Hisui-Baldorfish
  • Wurmple*
  • chirp*
  • Drifloon*
  • Bronze*
  • Glibuncle*
  • electek*
  • magmar*
  • Octillery
  • Gum malate*

As always, all Pokemon in our lists that have a star

are marked can be found as a rare Shiny variant - if you are very lucky.
Hisui forms of Pokémon Fukano, Arcane, Sneeze, and Dialga

Hisui forms of the Pokémon Fukano, Arcani, Sniebel and Dialga © Niantic / Nintendo (montage) Pokémon in field research:

  • In the Pokémon GO Anniversary Event Field Research, Trainers can encounter all starter Pokémon from Generation 1 to Generation 7:
  • beep*
  • paras*
  • Enton*
  • Magnetile*
  • fiery gel*
  • snivell*
  • Remoraid*
  • mantax*
  • Sheinux*
  • Burmy* (Plant Cloak, Sand Cloak, Rag Cloak)
  • Ottaro*
  • lilminip

BauzThis is the new Collector’s Challenge

: During the period of the Hisui Discoveries event, we want to keep you busy with a fresh gathering challenge.  The exact content is currently unknown.  However, Niantic has already revealed that you will receive XP, stardust and an incubator as rewards.
Dialga in Pokemon GO

Dialga is Dragon and Steel and is coming back to Pokémon GO © Niantic (Montage)

Pokémon GO: You should not miss all raids and bosses in “Hisui Discoveries” – Dialga The raid bosses for the event:

During the Hisui Discoveries event, the bosses in the raids will be aligned to the eponymous Hisui region. On top of that, you can compete against the strong monster Dialga at level 5 and finally catch it again. step 1
Sniebel*, Roselia*, Sheinux* level 3
Chansey*, Togetic*, Kirlia, Welsar stage 5


Dialga is the highlight of July’s Pokémon GO raids. The raid boss is dragon/steel type and is pretty damn strong. In PvE you clean up with it and endure a lot yourself. In PvP, Dialga is a good choice, especially in the upper GO combat leagues. Every trainer should have at least one Dialga, which is considered one of the best dragon attackers around.That changes in the GO Battle League

: During the Hisui discoveries you should discover new teams for your PvP battles. In the “Hisui Cup” you play according to the Super League rules: Only Pokémon with a maximum of 1500 WP may participate. As an additional restriction, only Pokémon from the Hisui region and Pokémon with a Pokédex number from #387 to #493 are allowed to participate.

What do you think of the next event in Pokémon GO? Are you fully involved and the three new Hisui monsters lure you out from behind the oven? Or are you getting tired of events and Niantic should think about something else? Let us know what you think in the poll in this article.

When the event ends, the next highlight in Pokémon GO is already on the agenda. The Community Day in Pokémon GO in August with Galar Zigzachs is worthwhile. We have all the information about the rare Shiny and the new attack for you.