Regiments: Single-player real-time WW3 tactics out today – News

Regiments: Single-player real-time WW3 tactics out today - News

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Regiments offers you exciting real-time tactics with realistic armies. You play individual regiments, but you can add task forces to them. The USSR is represented with five regiments and 20 task forces, the USA with five regiments and 17 task forces, the GDR with three regiments and 14 task forces, Belgium with three regiments and 13 task forces and the UK with two task forces. Over 100 different units were implemented. With the exception of helicopters, for example, you don’t control individual units, but squads, i.e. about four tanks. Infantry can act mounted or dismounted.

Of course you send the whole regiments into battle. The campaign in June 1989 is divided into several operations that belong together thematically. There are four major operations, which are broken down into multiple stages, which are in turn broken down into phases, and three smaller operations, which are simply multi-phase. The events are dynamic, since the number of phases also depends on your success. In this way, you may be able to complete an order faster than the maximum possible time frame. The operations are dynamic and between the phases you can compensate for your losses with operation points, join new task forces, improve your ability for tactical operations such as air strikes or have more points available when buying units on the map.

In addition to the campaign, there are three skirmish modes that you can complete on the 19 maps. In meeting engagement, you wrestle with your opponent for zones, which sometimes change their location, which creates some dynamics. Attack requires you to push the enemy out of position and capture zones. In Mobile Defense you have to use transport units to evacuate civilians from different zones while keeping the enemy at bay.

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Regiments is a pure single player title. Even after the release, it should be supplied with content such as regiments, other countries, operations, maps, features and game modes. Including a full integration of the British Army of the Rhine.

It will be priced at $29.99 and will be regionalized according to Steam rates. In the first five weeks you can purchase the title with a discount of 15%. You can watch the release day announcement trailer right below this news.