Mordhau: Medieval Battle Game is coming to Xbox soon

Mordhau: Medieval Battle Game is coming to Xbox soon

Massive battles set in the Middle Ages will soon be available to players in Mordhau on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One.

Medieval multiplayer slasher Mordhau is coming to consoles soon. Developed by Triternion, the game lets you take part in huge 64-player battles in first or third person view.

the Steam version describes the following features for Mordhau:

  • Massive Battles: From small skirmishes to all-out 64-player warfare in modes like Frontline and Invasion.
  • Play cooperatively & offline: Fight waves of opponents side by side with your friends in cooperative horde mode or test your skills offline against AI.
  • Completely free melee and ranged combat: Take full control of your character and their attacks to develop your own fighting style.
  • Deep Character Customization: Shape your face, craft your weapon from parts, and craft your custom armor to create the perfect warrior.
  • Huge arsenal of weapons and equipment: fight opponents with the great sword, rain down arrows or even hide behind fortifications.
  • Fight wherever you want: experience cavalry attacks, climb scaling ladders and fire siege weapons such as catapults or ballistas.
  • Bloody Combat: Feel the force of each hit and send enemies’ limbs flying in all directions. (Blood and Violence are optional)
  • Believable Combat: With a perfect balance of gameplay and realism, Mordhau makes every fight feel believable.

First impressions from the console version for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PlayStation 4|5 are available in trailers:

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