Tower of Fantasy: This trick gives you an advantage in the gacha system

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In the MMORPG Tower of Fantasy there is currently a banner where you can draw a very popular character. A player on reddit reveals how to do this as cleverly as possible and save a lot of resources.

In a post on reddit, the user PalekX reveals a valuable tip for using a few fewer moves in the gacha system and saving materials. It is particularly aimed at Free2Play players who lose valuable time with every move they need. A well-known streamer referred to Tower of Fantasy as Pay2Win.

The current Birth of Grace banner will last for 2 more weeks and offers a 50% increased chance of drawing the SSR character Nemesis.

For each turn, you must use a Red Core, which in turn costs 150 Dark Crystals. If you want the character but don’t have an infinite amount of resources available, follow the user’s advice.

Here’s the Tower of Fantasy release trailer:

New MMORPG Tower of Fantasy shows impressive release trailer – fans celebrate the graphics

Those who are unlucky rely on Flammengold

How does the trick work? PalekX advises players to upgrade all SR characters from the banner to 6 stars first. If you draw the character again and don’t have 6 stars, you’ll get a Fusion Core to upgrade.

If you already have 6 stars, you will receive Flaming Gold instead. You collect this and can exchange it for Nemesis when you have 120 of them. This way you don’t have to move infinitely often, because an SSR piece is guaranteed every 80 moves and there are 10 different ones. So Flame Gold can save you if you want Nemesis.

Of course, if you’re very lucky, you’ll just pull Nemesis like that. However, the chance of an SSR weapon is 0.75%.

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In this post, reddit user PalekX explains how to save resources when unlocking Nemesis.

PalekX recommends upgrading all SRs first and only then putting your saved resources into the gacha system.

What is this character? Nemesis is one of the strongest AI characters currently in Tower of Fantasy. She is in the S rank on the tier list.

With her resonance power, she can increase the damage of your electric attacks by 15% and increase your resistance by 25%.

Additionally, you can prevent enemies from buffing themselves by hitting them with a charged attack. Nemesis is a hybrid, so it can dish out super damage and support her allies. That’s why she’s so popular.

What do you think about the trick of the user? Have you managed to upgrade your SR figures to 6 stars yet? Have you maybe even drawn Nemesis already? How many attempts did it take you? Write it to us in the comments here on MeinMMO!

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