EA sold “FIFA 23” for less than 6 cents

EA sold "FIFA 23" for less than 6 cents

EA scored what it says is a “spectacular own goal” with the advance sale of its upcoming football game “FIFA 23” in India. Due to an error, the title was briefly sold there for 4.8 Indian rupees over the virtual counter – that’s the equivalent of 0.059 euros (as of Thursday afternoon). EA takes it sporty.

As reported by PC Gamer, the ‘Ultimate Edition’ of the football game was supposed to cost 4799 rupees (around 59 euros), but for unknown reasons it was offered for sale for only 4.80 rupees, which according to the report represents a whopping discount of 99, 98 percent corresponds. “Spectacular own goal” In an e-mail to affected customers, which the website has, EA confirmed the error. “We scored a pretty spectacular own goal when we accidentally mispriced ‘FIFA 23’ on the Epic Games Store,” the publisher admitted. According to the report, EA took it sporty and continued: “It was our mistake and we wanted to let you know that we will redeem all pre-orders that were placed at this price.” In this country: In the Epic Games Store, “FIFA 23” in the Ultimate Edition still costs 89.99 euros. The official kick-off for the last regular “FIFA” – future games in the series are to be called “EA Sports FC” – is September 27th.


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