Elden Ring streamer kills Malenia at level 1… with just one hand!

Malenia can certainly be defeated if you are only at level 1 and also if you only use one hand.

Malenia can certainly be defeated if you are only at level 1 and also if you only use one hand.

Not only is Elden Ring one of the best games of the year, it’s also one of the most difficult. Especially boss fights like the one against Malenia are really tough. But meanwhile, fans still outdo each other with the strangest achievements. Like streamer MissMikkaa, for example, who managed to take down Malenia with only one hand and one character at level 1.

Malenia is a joke if you are as good as this streamer

That’s what it’s about: Maybe you’ve heard of Malenia. Fighting her is among the toughest the Elden Ring has to offer (although it was even harder at first). But there are people for whom the normal isn’t hard enough, which is why they set themselves special challenges. For example, defeating Malenia with one character without any leveling – and with only one hand.

What does that mean? Typically, many Elden Ring players level up their character many levels before taking on Malenia. They have more stamina, more life energy and simply much better chances overall. Accordingly, the fight is much more difficult when you start it at level 1. It goes without saying that playing with just one hand is more difficult.

Streamer denies boss fights with one hand: MissMikkaa has set herself the task of winning various boss fights in Elden Ring with only one hand and a level 1 character. Of course that means a lot of attempts and yesterday she finally managed to finish off Malenia. You can watch the end of the fight here:

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What comes next? Next, MissMikkaa now takes on Malekith. She completes a complete playthrough, which she only wants to do with just one hand and on level 1. Anyway, so far it seems to be working quite well.

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Can you imagine beating the entire Elden Ring on level 1 with just one hand?