She-Hulk solves the important question: is Captain America a virgin?

Sexist Marvel Trolls: Review-Bombing Against She-Hulk (1)

The first episode of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law debuted today and discussed a question that may have crossed some of your minds. The Marvel series on Disney Plus makes no secret that it’s a comedy show, and attorney Jennifer Walters is investigating if and when Captain America lost his virginity. Yes, you read that right.

Did he or did he not?

It’s fair to say that She-Hulk doesn’t take himself too seriously. Because how else should we get answers to questions that we would probably never have asked? Jennifer has seemingly wondered more than once if Captain America managed to maintain an intimate relationship before arriving at the end of the events of Captain America: The First Avenger was trapped in the ice.

She asks her cousin Bruce Banner, who is known to have fought as the Hulk alongside Steve Rogers and should ultimately know how his friend’s love life is doing. But Bruce doesn’t give her a definitive answer in the episode. Only in a post-credit scene does he come out with the language.

The Hulk reveals the truth

In the post-credits scene, the two Hulks share a drink while Bruce reveals that Steve lost his virginity to a girl during a USO tour in 1943. Her identity is not mentioned, but it doesn’t appear to be his longtime love, Peggy Carter.

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