Ex-Fallout & Skyrim creators announce new RPG Wyrdsong

Wyrdsong heißt das neue Open World-RPG einiger Fallout- und Skyrim-Entwickler*ìnnen.

Various ex-developers of well-known titles such as “Fallout” or “Skyrim” have founded a new studio. As part of the gamescom Opening Night Live their first game was announced. It’s called “Wyrdsong” and is supposed to be a dark open world RPG. At least that sounds very promising.

Wyrdsong: Open World RPG announced by ex-Fallout and Skyrim devs

What’s the matter? Some more or less well-known names in the games industry team up to found a studio and a new RPG to develop. The studio is called Something Wicked Games and the game is called Wyrdsong.

About the game Wyrdsong unfortunately almost nothing is known. Opposite to PC gamers one of those responsible only explained that this is a “gloomy, supernatural, semi-historical open world RPG” that in medieval Portugal is located.

You can get one here Wyrdsong mini teaser watch shown at Opening Night Live:

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What to see Unfortunately not too much. There’s loads of concept art on the eyes. A gloomy being, maybe somehow divided, mirrored world and that’s about it. For better or for worse, we’ll have to wait and see what’s in store for us.

However, the makers sound promising. Behind “Wyrdsong” are people who work on titles as big as Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas or Skyrim were involved. In addition to the Fallout games, the inspiration for the new RPG should also be, for example Elden ring to serve.

Otherwise, there is still something to report about the new RPG that it based on Unreal Engine 5 arises. However, no gameplay scenes or screenshots have been published yet.

one too release date the people behind “Wyrdsong” can’t show yet. However, it may well be several years before the ambitious project appears.

What do you think of the first teaser? Are you interested in Wyrdsong and what are your hopes for it? Tell us in the comments.


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