WoW: Dragonflight: This is the status of cross-faction guilds

Ashran returns as an epic battleground in WoW Battle for Azeroth Patch 8.2.

from Sebastian Glanzer
Cross faction guilds would be the last step to round out cross faction games in WoW. In the interview, Game Director Ion Hazzikostas hopes that cross faction guilds will be implemented in Dragonflight.

As of patch 9.2.5, Horde and Alliance players can play instanced content together for the first time in WoW. The so-called Cross-faction games have virtually dissolved the faction boundaries. However, the system still has its shortcomings. For example, Horde and Alliance players cannot be in a guild together. Here the factions are still separate.

This complicates the planning of dungeon runs, for example, and the guild has to organize itself via lobbies or the like instead of in the guild chat. The developers made it clear early on that cross-faction guilds will not be an issue in Shadowlands. WoWs (buy now ) However, game director Ion Hazzikostas now promises that cross-faction guilds will become a reality in Dragonflight.

“Cross-faction guilds ahead of the next expansion”

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In an interview with Maximum (Liquid’s raid leader), Hazzikostas is asked if there are still technical hurdles to introducing cross-faction guilds in Dragonflight. According to the game director, the team is making progress and if he had his way, he would like to implement the feature before the next expansion (ie still in Dragonflight).