Homeless: Drachenlord runs out of money after channel locks

Homeless: Drachenlord runs out of money after channel locks

The Dragon Lord’s channels are blocked. Above all has YouTube deleted the channels of Rainer Winkler. OnlyFans, tik tok and Snapchat followed shortly thereafter. Nobody has really heard from the dragon since then. Now the news page northern bavaria conducted an interview with the ex-YouTuber. There he gives an insight into his current life.

No house, no car, no money – what now?

After Rainer Winkler leave his house had to, he lived in his car. He rode it around for a while. He still wanted to see something of the world. But at least since he got his Submit driver’s license had to, the 33-year-old is almost penniless. “Basically, I am unable to act”he says northern bavaria to.

After his last payments are transferred from YouTube, he is left with only that money and part of the amount of his car sale. Meanwhile he has a lot of money for overnight stays spent when staying in hotels, boarding houses or other expensive accommodation. He spent the night before the interview outdoors.

Rainer Winkler wanted to be in the area around Emskirchen, a municipality in Middle Franconia. However, the ex-YouTuber does not seem to be able to find a permanent home there. Public offers like homeless shelters are out of the question for him. He doesn’t want the haters to find him there and close it problems comes.

End of the dragon game? Is the Dragon Lord “Defeated”?

Not just his financial situation makes things difficult for Winkler, too He has continue to apply pressure. Even at the interview some seem him observed to have. If you take a look at the Telegram groups of the haters, there is disagreement. Some state that the primary goal of the actions was to bring down the Dragonlord to be banned from the internet. They’ve done it now.

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It is slowly becoming apparent, however, that not everyone acts with the same motives. Many want keep going, do not see the dragon as defeated yet. Whether Rainer Winkler will ever be left alone is questionable.