The PCGHX Community Power Supplies – Reminder

The PCGHX Community Power Supplies - Reminder

from Stephen Wilke
In favor of processors, graphics cards and cooling components, power supplies are only too happy to be pushed into the background – a mistake, because a power supply not only has to supply the entire hardware with reliable power, but can also look good. This is evidenced by numerous images from the PCGHX community.

At the beginning of the gallery you will find the latest photos from the PSU image thread as well as the Image thread about the inner workings of power supplies.

Modified power supplies with new paintwork and sleeved cables are available in the PSU images thread to marvel at in the PCGHX forum as well as the inner workings of some devices. In addition to well-known brands such as Be quiet, Cougar and Enermax, there are also some outsiders to be seen – such as power supplies from Hiper or Trust. From low-budget energy dispensers to mid-range models to high-end powerhouses, everything is included.

However, many users not only take pictures of their power supplies, they even open them and replace fans or provide the cables with an additional sheath, although this is not without risk and costs the guarantee. You can find some snapshots of users of the PC Games Hardware Extreme forum in the picture gallery – enjoy watching!

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