This is how girlfriend Lola reacts to the argument

Tanzban goes on his knees in front of Lola with a rose in his hand.

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The Gamescom incident between Ban on Dance, Scurrows and Orangemorange also affected streamer Quite Lola. This is how the girlfriend of Tanzban reacts to the incident.

Cologne – Gamescom 2022 was overshadowed by a fight between the three Twitch streamers Tanzban, Scurrows and Orangemorange. The three Twitch stars met behind a trade fair hall, insulted each other and briefly attacked each other. Right in the middle was the streamer Quite Lola, who is now known as a friend on the side of Tanzverbot. How did she react to the incident?

Full name Killian Roberto Heinrich
Known as dancing ban
birthday February 08, 1997
Place of birth Berlin
Followers on Twitch 637,000 (as of August 2022)
Followers on YouTube 1,110,000 (as of August 2022)

Dancing ban in Gamescom fight – who is girlfriend Lola anyway?

Who is Lola anyway? The streamer Quite Lola has been seen again and again alongside Tanzban for a few weeks. The two streamers met by chance at Twitchcon in Amsterdam. Since then, they’ve been spending more and more time together and rumors are rife that the two are a couple. In the meantime, the two streamers have already spent a holiday together in Mallorca and they were also inseparable at Gamescom. However, the two streamers have not yet officially come out as a couple. Thousands of fans congratulate the two on a relationship on various social media. It remains to be seen whether Lola and Tanzverbot will actually announce their relationship.

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Lola is an IRL streamer who walks around cities and interacts with her viewers. Since the meeting with the ban on dancing, the number of spectators has increased from an average of around 50-100 spectators to over 5000 spectators at the same time. She stayed true to her content and continues to deliver pure IRL content.

Lola was directly involved in the Gamescom incident surrounding no dancing, scurrows and orangemorange. She tried to settle the situation and wanted to calm down the dance ban. When the scuffle broke out, Orangemorange threw a plastic cup at her head, causing her to fall to the ground. A little later, Tanzban, who was completely furious, pushed the streamer onto the floor. He immediately apologized and visibly regretted the act.

Ban on dancing fights at Gamescom – this is how girlfriend Lola reacts

This is her reaction: After the dispute between the streamers went viral on Twitter, many users also wanted to know how Lola was doing in the situation. After all, she received the most physical violence. Lola then took to Twitter and wrote: “Thanks for all the lovely messages. I’m fine so far!“.

Under the post, many fans advised her to file a lawsuit against Orangemorange for throwing her with the cup. But some fans also think that they should distance themselves from the ban on dancing. After all, he let himself be provoked by Scurrows and Orangemorange and could not be calmed down by that.

Lola herself didn’t go much further into the incidents. In a Twitch stream, she said that she might comment on the subject again at a later date.

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Ban on dancing and Lola after Gamescom. © Twitter: Ban on dancing

Ban on dancing and Lola in Love at Gamescom – These pictures came after the argument

This is the mood between Tanzban and Lola: The mood between Tanzverbot and Lola is perfect again. At least in front of the camera, the two streamers are very happy. At the end of Gamescom, Tanzban posted a picture of him kneeling in front of Lola with a rose in his hand.

It remains to be seen whether Lola and Tanzverbot will refer to the incident together again. The two streamers currently seem to be floating on cloud nine. Scurrows, on the other hand, caused the next shitstorm: New scandal for Scurrows at Gamescom – bullies TikTok employees