New Tales from the Borderlands: Gameplay Reveal at PAX

New Tales from the Borderlands: ​Gameplay Reveal at PAX (1)

About two weeks ago, the developers at Gearbox Software announced New Tales from the Borderlands, a sequel to Telltale Games’ popular adventure spin-off. The title, which is self-directed this time, once again tells a gripping story in the universe of Borderlands shooter role-playing games, only packaged as an adventure. Accordingly, you can expect dialogues with decisions, environments to explore and a few new gameplay elements. What exactly the creators came up with to offer something in terms of play in addition to the story and its characters has now been presented at PAX West, which is currently taking place in Seattle, USA. We were also able to take a detailed look at the gameplay of New Tales from the Borderlands, commented by developers.

Make a decision

As revealed in the announcement, the player takes control of a chaotic trio of protagonists consisting of the scientist Anu, her brother Octavio and the Froghurt Shop owner Fran. At the beginning of the demo, the three are on the run from the henchmen of the Tediore Corporation, who have just invaded their home planet Prometheus. The squad sets off to escape the fighting through the sewers. There are discussions about the best course of action should enemy contact occur. This gives us the opportunity to get a first impression of the dialog system. As usual, there are always decisions to be made in the discussions. Which of the three characters we choose can change several times during a dialogue.

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New Tales from the Borderlands: ​Gameplay Reveal at PAX (1)

Source: 2K Games

While some of the decisions only change what the character is saying at first glance, others have a direct impact on subsequent gameplay. Whether we choose to sneak in the sewers or attack enemies directly will affect how the following section plays out. Overall, the developers want to give the player’s decisions significantly more weight. “As we developed the game, we expanded the choice system. We want every choice you make to feel consequential, and with five possible endings, players will discover how choices they make throughout their own adventure affect each character’s career,” explains James Lopez, Director of Production at Gearbox Software.