The Quarry: Next game could deviate from teen horror

Supermassive Games, the studio behind Until Dawn and The Quarry, has been acquired (1)

The Quarry is the latest horror title from Supermassive Games, as the spiritual successor to Until Dawn, the game allowed us to play in our test quite convincing, but also showed clear weaknesses. In an interview with one of those responsible, he spoke about the fact that the next part should be at least as big as The Quarry and suggested turning his back on the teen horror genre.

No more teen horror at Supermassive?

In an interview with VGC Studio Director Will Byles has spoken about The Quarry’s sequel. Byles has worked on both major titles in the past – Until Dawn and The Quarry. In addition to the really big blockbusters, horror games appear once a year as part of the The Dark Pictures serieswho have little stories to tell. Our test for the last offshoot House of Ashes you find here.

Will Byles says work has already started on the next title, hinting that they plan to deviate from teen horror. “I can’t say much about them [das neue Spiel] tell, but we’ve started […] We may be at a point… I don’t know how far I can stretch this teen horror thing because, especially when we’re trying to mix it up in any way, the number of surprises that can be added is very limited. ” This statement gives hope that Byles could deviate a little more from teen dramas and clichés in the next part or even turn his back completely.

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