FIFA 23 Soundtrack is Official: All Songs in Spotify List

FIFA 23 was almost fully leaked a while ago, but now you can officially check out the ratings.

All songs from FIFA 23 at a glance.

The soundtrack is at least as important a part of the FIFA franchise as the football itself. Now EA has finally unveiled the official tracklist for the upcoming installment of the popular football franchise. The official FIFA 23 Spotify playlist has 95 tracks and over five hours of music.

The FIFA 23 song list on Spotify

You can listen to the songs from the FIFA 23 soundtrack using the Spotify embed below. Including songs by Stromae, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and many more:

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FIFA 23 Release, Early Access and Web App/Companion App

FIFA 23 will be released for all pre-orders of the Ultimate Edition and via EA Play for PS4/PS5, current Xbox consoles, Nintendo Switch and PC on September 27th.

You can find out more about the pre-order bonuses, what other editions are available and which is the best choice for you here:

The release of the standard edition of FIFA 23 will take place on 30. September for all platforms mentioned above. But be careful before you buy the Nintendo Switch version: This year it is a legacy edition again, which is now in its third year and only contains squad changes, but is basically the same game.

In the video below you can get an impression of the innovations:

FIFA 23 - Trailer introduces you to the innovations on the lawn


FIFA 23 – Trailer introduces you to the innovations on the lawn

On PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, FIFA 23 is said to be available thanks to Hypermotion 2 become even more realistic. In addition, this time the chemistry system in FUT is completely turned upside down to provide more variety and rewards.

FUT web app available: You can now also use the FIFA 23 web app and the accompanying companion app on iOS and Android.

Now the GamePro community is asking: What is your opinion on the FIFA 23 soundtrack? Write it to us in the comments!