MultiVersus: Rick Sanchez is entering the arena “very soon”.

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Morty has been a fixture on the Warner Bros. platform fighter MultiVersus roster for a few weeks now. We’ve known since July of this year that his grandfather Rick is also set to celebrate his entry into the game. Exactly when this will happen has been a mystery until now. We still don’t have an exact date, but according to a new announcement trailer, Rick Sanchez is said to be enter the arena “very soon”.

Rick Sanchez is coming to MultiVersus soon

According to Rick’s profile on the MultiVersus official site, the character falls under the mage/ranged category, which makes overall sense. In the Adult Swim show, Rick has a variety of different weapons and equipment, which he can now use in MultiVersus. Based on the other characters in the ranged category, Bugs Bunny, and Tom and Jerry, it should also be quite entertaining to roam the arena with Rick Sanchez.

In the description of each character, the developers assigned a small sentence to describe the character. In case Rick was in English “Let me deus ex machina this shit and go home!” chosen. the German translation is: “Let me these s**** deux ex machines and go home!”

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