Pokémon Go: Safari Zone Goyang – Exploration Challenge Guide

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Update September 24, 2022: The Goyang Safari Zone Timed Research – Exploration Challenge is finally available in Pokémon Go, and below you’ll find all the steps and rewards – all of which are much lighter than the Special Research requirements for the trainers actually on the ground in Goyang (and paid for it by the way).

Goyang Safari Zone – Exploration Challenge – Step 1/1

  • Explore 1 km – Reward: Encounter with Perfi
  • Explore 2 km – Reward: Encounter with Perfi
  • Explore 3 km – Reward: Encounter with Perfi
  • Explore 4 km – Reward: Encounter with Perfi
  • Explore 5 km – Reward: Encounter with Perfi

Completion Reward: Encounter with Parfi, 1,000 XP, 1,000 Stardust

By the way: It took almost 24 hours for the people at Niantic to point out that this Limited Research dated September 24, 2022 at 08:00 will be available until September 25, 2022 at 20:00 local time.

Original report from September 23, 2022: A Pokémon Go Safari Zone will be held in Goyang, South Korea from September 23-25, 2022, and it’s usually rarely exciting for Trainers elsewhere. But this safari zone was obviously going to be different. Because just in time for the upcoming start of the Safari Zone in Goyang, the following was announced via the official Pokémon Go Twitter account:

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“Celebrate the launch of #PokemonGOSafariZone: Goyang by completing a free, worldwide limited-time research! Complete it to meet the Perfume Pokémon Perfume. For the first time, lucky Trainers will have a chance to encounter a dazzling Perfume !”

Oh! A limited-time Safari Zone research for all trainers around the world, not just at the venue? Of course, the Pokémon Go players prick up their ears and immediately rush to the phone to download the app … and make long faces. Because the Timed Research on Goyang and Parfi is not yet available. Did someone at Niantic forget to press the right button, or is Timed Research supposed to come into play at some point? You don’t know, because there hasn’t been a response to the trainer’s reactions via Twitter to the original tweet.

Shiny Parfi with Luck via Timed Research

In Goyang itself, of course, special research is still available for ticket holders – and maybe that’s why the limited research isn’t available worldwide? Because of course visitors to the South Korean event paid money to attend the Safari Zone? Whether by mistake or on purpose, at some point the Parfi and Goyang Safari Zone Timed Research will likely become available worldwide.

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And then you’ll probably need to complete the following steps in order to bag an encounter with Parfi as a reward, among other things. The steps and rewards are part of the Safari Zone Goyang 2022 Special Research, and it’s likely you’ll need to do them as well. Of course, that’s not certain unless Timed Research itself is activated in Pokémon Go – some rewards also seem very generous. Should there be any adjustments, we will inform you about them.

Goyang 2022 Safari Zone Special Research – Step 1/2

  • Send 10 Pokemon – Reward: 1 x smoke
  • Evolve 3 Pokemon – Reward: 100 x Super Ball
  • Catch 10 different types of Pokémon – Reward: 5 x Special Candy

Reward for completing Step 1: 1x Super Incubator, 1x Instant TM, 10x Golden Raspberry

Special Research on Safari Zone Goyang 2022 – Step 2/2

  • Take a snapshot of your buddy – Reward: 1 x lucky egg
  • Feed your buddy 3 times – Reward: 100 x Super Ball
  • Play 3 times with your buddy – Reward: 1 x Star Piece