This Steam game was developed by an AI – It’s terrible

This Steam game was developed by an AI - It's terrible

As the technical possibilities of artificial intelligence advance, their areas of application are also constantly increasing. For example, a eSports hotel in China monitored by an AI. But the technology is also used in other areas of the gaming industry. So now a game has appeared on Steam that was created entirely by an AI. The problem: The title is absolutely terrible. Find out here what it’s all about and what the developers say about the negative reviews.

AI game on Steam is terrible

This Girl Doesn’t Exist was released on September 8th on Steam and was completely transformed from gameplay to story to graphics by a artificial intelligence developed. Even the dubbing voices are not man-made. This is a very simple puzzle gamein which you put the same pictures of girls together over and over again.

You deepen your knowledge with each additional puzzle romantic relationship with the respective person and get to know them better, at least they claim Steam page. The title currently only has one review. It is negative and not at all convinced of the game concept.