Mechanical Keyboard: Models for comfortable and accurate typing


Long service life, great typing feel – a mechanical keyboard ensures comfort and reduces typing errors at the same time. We show the best models for the home office and occasional gaming.

What is a mechanical keyboard?

On a mechanical keyboard, each key has its own switch, so-called switches, which register the keystroke. This often feels better compared to ordinary keyboards and increases typing accuracy. If you write a lot on the computer or occasionally play games, these models are worth considering.

Razer Pro Type Ultra: Wireless & stylish

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Impresses with a minimalist design: the Razer Pro Type Ultra.

Image: © MediaMarktSaturn 2022

That Razer Pro Type Ultra is a wireless keyboard. Optionally, you can connect it to the computer via a cable in addition to wireless via Bluetooth. tech radar calls the Pro Type Ultra “one of the smoothest keyboards we’ve ever tested”.

The minimalist gray design with white LED backlighting is ideal for the modern home office. There is also a faux leather wrist rest for added comfort.

Razer ProType Ultra
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Corsair K70 RGB MK.2: Switches by Cherry

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Mechanical and yet quiet: the Corsair K70.

Image: © MediaMarktSaturn 2022

the Corsair K70 has installed the popular MX switches from Cherry. As a result, according to c’t Magazin (issue 2/2019), the switching point is “neither audible nor perceptible”. If you are looking for a quiet mechanical keyboard, this model could be something for you.

The colorful illumination of the keys already indicates that this manufacturer is aimed at gamers. But don’t worry: You can set the colors individually. Of course, the LEDs can also be switched off so that they do not distract you when you are working in a concentrated manner.

Corsair K70 RGB MK.2
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SteelSeries Apex Pro TKL: Adjustable shift point

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The SteelSeries Apex Pro offers an adjustable shift point.

Image: © MediaMarktSaturn 2022

SteelSeries uses a special type of switch in the Apex Pro on: Thanks to so-called omni-point switches, you can adjust the switching point to the desired strength. At the same time, this technology should ensure a long service life.

The Apex Pro is a slightly more expensive mechanical keyboard. However, PC Magazin (issue 3/2020) rates it as “very flexible and of high quality”. A detachable palm rest is included.

SteelSeries Apex Pro TKL
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Logitech K835 TKL: Inexpensive & Simple

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The Logitech K835 is a reliable mechanical keyboard for the office.

Image: © MediaMarktSaturn 2022

It’s a little simpler K835 therefore. It has no key lighting. But Logitech didn’t skimp on the material. The test of Basic Tutorials confirmed: The K835 is “very well made”. As the cheapest mechanical keyboard in this list, it has good value for money.

Logitech K835 TKL
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Roccat Pyro: Big & valuable

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Also available with a palm rest: the Roccat Pyro.

Image: © MediaMarktSaturn 2022

In terms of price, this keyboard is in the upper middle class, but with its high-quality metal finish it is also nice to look at. PC World certifies the Roccat Pyro an “overall pleasant typing experience”. A volume control completes the design with additional functionality.

Roccat ROC-12-620 Pyro
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Keyboard: Mechanical versus membrane & rubber dome

Most keyboards used today are membrane or rubber dome keyboards. When you type on such models, you slide the keys through a layer of plastic with electrical contacts and break a circuit on a second layer. This is how the device registers the keystroke.

The result: The keys don’t give any feedback about whether you pressed them hard enough. When you press several letters at the same time, typing errors can also occur because all keys are connected in series. Mechanical keyboards do not have such problems. Each key is registered individually via separate switches. You usually feel a clear resistance when entering. This ensures greater accuracy and a more comfortable typing experience.

Ordinary keyboards are cheap to buy and they are usually sufficient for infrequent use. But those who type a lot prefer durability: Loud Tom’s Guide Mechanical keyboards have a lifespan of up to 50 million clicks per key, while membrane models only last a fifth as long.


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