Destiny 2 eliminates strenuous grind in Season 19 so that beginners finally have it easier


Bungie has a new plan for how not to scare off newcomers and returning players to Destiny 2, and that’s an adjustment to destination materials. We’ll show you what the developers are up to.

What is the problem of planetary materials? In Destiny 2, planetary materials exist that players need for their day-to-day operations in the Tower. While longtime Guardians sit on a mountain full of materials, many newcomers lose track of it.

Bungie is aware of this, which is why the team wants to accommodate the new guardians. In order to provide more clarity and so that players only have to focus their eyes on the essentials, the remaining planetary materials are made superfluous. We show you how Bungie will do it.

Even in Destiny 1, planetary materials were an important resource for players to collect. These materials were essential for certain purchases from dealers and for upgrading your weapon. Many players even met on the patrol zones at the time to jointly graze the spawn sources of the individual resources. In Destiny 2, however, these mats looked more like a rudimentary holdover from the old days. They were often redundant and are now primarily traded to the Cryptarch for Glimmer and Enhancement Materials.

In Season 19 everything will be even clearer

Bungie sat down with its economic team to figure out how they could better bring the game to new lights without slaying them. These materials are an important point. There are currently too many resources that either slow down players on their journey or even overwhelm them.

Longtime Guardians swim in materials

For this reason, the team will change all known planetary elements at the start of Season 19. You will never be able to pick them up in your inventory again, you will only be able to interact with them. This makes it clearer, especially for new lights, which materials in their inventory are good and can be used.

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What happens to the materials in my inventory? Longtime players have also been catered for, because Bungie knows some of you are collectors. In Season 19 you can exchange all your collected Mats with Rahool, the cryptarch in the tower for Glimmer.

  • 20 Elements gives you 5,000 Glimmer
  • 1 item sells for 250 Glimmer

Additionally, Rahool will no longer sell items. You can buy all of his offerings with either Glimmer or Legendary Shards only. To continue providing more Glimmer to Guardians, public events in Patrol Zones will provide you with more Coal.

  • Heroic events give you between 10,000 and 12,500 Glimmer
  • Normal events, however, only 3300 to 4646 Glimmer

With this, Bungie wants to pay more attention to the destinations so that these places also receive more life and are visited by Guardians. The Monument to the Lost Lights will also be adjusted, as well as failsafe on Nessus and Devrim in the EDZ. The two old traders get a new inventory and more bounties.

Last but not least, you can still collect their resources on the various planets, but they will only give you XP and reputation. Just as the Throne World of Savathun did with its materials.

What do you think of the upcoming changes in Season 19? Do you like them or will you miss your materials that you have collected over the years? Let’s find out in the comments!