GG User Advent Calendar 2022 // Lasts until November 30th. your content – News

GG User Advent Calendar 2022 // Lasts until November 30th.  your content - News

This content would not be financially viable without the premium users. But we urgently need more supporters: You can help too!

In order to traditionally sweeten December again, we start on December 1st. for the fifth time the user advent calendar, for which you can now submit your contributions. As always, if you are registered on GamersGlobal and would like to take part in this community project, we look forward to your content!

Your content for the 5th edition
You are quite free to choose a topic. However, generic terms such as GamersGlobal, games, films, technology and the like should be more than appropriate in connection with GG. If you want, you can also create a suitable video, write your own poem or present photos you have taken. In general, when referring to a text, video or infographic, please always write a few lines of your own.

The goal is to offer the GamersGlobal community at least 24 little surprises during this December – no more and no less.

If you want, you can register via comment or private message – in the first case please do not mention your content so that the purpose of an Advent calendar – the surprise – remains.

» Go to the simple entry form

You can submit your contributions using the linked form. In addition to your username, all you need is a picture (screenshot, photo and the like) and of course the actual contribution. Please enter all relevant information in the appropriate field, including any links to articles, videos and the like. All input fields are mandatory – if you “only” submit an image, simply enter a short note in the text field.

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Also note that knowing who will be participating and what content will be submitted as early as possible is extremely helpful in planning. The last week of November is currently the deadline for submissions, although later doors can also be completed during December if necessary, but this should be the exception for purely organizational reasons.

Should the case arise that more than 24 ideas are submitted, there would again be the possibility of putting more than one content behind one little door.

The calendar
The calendar and its individual contents are again not integrated into the GG system, so that they – like news and co. – cannot be commented on or tracked individually. As usual, there will be a news item in which the latest door is pointed out every day and which can therefore also be commented on.

The individual design of a door is not possible and, based on past years’ experience, is only very rarely necessary. If there are still reasons for this, please contact us via private message.

Contestants who contribute content will not receive EXP, medals, or anything else. Here, too, the focus is simply on having fun. All contributors are of course mentioned by name.

Examples from 2021
To give you an idea of ​​what the door pages look like, you can look at five screenshots from last year’s advent calendar, which are examples of the content and range. For a better view, we recommend opening it in a new browser tab or window (since the images are greatly reduced via GG upload, the screenshots are on

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