Modern Warfare 2 players question Infinity Ward after mistaking Ghost perk discovery Dexerto

Modern Warfare 2 players question Infinity Ward after mistaking Ghost perk discovery Dexerto

Published: 2022-11-06T15:20:10

Updated: 2022-11-06T15:20:10

Modern Warfare 2 players have lashed out and questioned Infinity Ward after revelations that the Ghost perk is not working as intended.

The Ghost perk has been a Call of Duty staple for a long time. With the ability to be able to hide from your enemies’ minimap, even with a UAV active, it’s arguably one of the most annoying perks in the game alongside Last Stand.

With Modern Warfare 2, the developers at Infinity Ward decided to make some adjustments to the overall perk system with the introduction of ‘Ultimate Perks’, which has not been well received by players so far.

Ghost is more than useful in almost every situation, but the community is now on the warpath after revelations that the perk isn’t working as it should.

Modern Warfare 2 players question Ghost perk changes

In previous CoD titles, Ghost would generally make you undetectable from all UAVs, and in more recent games, Radar Drones and Heartbeat Sensors as well. However, it looks like Infinity Ward has made some changes to Modern Warfare 2.

While it’s unclear if this is a bug or intentional, players have noted that Ghost no longer hides you when you fire, even if you’re wearing a suppressor attachment.

Multiple reddit threads In frustration, players began to notice the strange change, which has been poorly received by the community.

“Yes. Final buff doesn’t hide you if you shoot. You will be revealed during a UAV ping each time you shoot before the pulse goes through you. Real time ping,” one player wrote.

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They added: “Stop trying to spread false information that suppressors do something in combination with Ghost. They do not.”

Other players questioned whether the change is intentional or just another mistake. “I wonder if it’s supposed to be like this. I hope not,” said one.

“Suppressors are supposed to hide you when you fire when a UAV is underway, regardless of whether you have Ghost or not. It is buggy and has nothing to do with perk functionality or status as a final perk,” another concluded.

Infinity Ward has yet to acknowledge player concerns as there is no mention of the issue in the game. trello board for developers Until now. Hopefully, we’ll see the developers fix the issue soon.