YouTuber will “100%” buy League of Legends esports team

MrBeast League of Legends Worldls Final 2022

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Of: Henrik Jansen

YouTuber MrBeast was a guest at the LOL Worlds finals and announced he was looking to buy an LCS spot. This inspires his fans.

San Francisco, USA – The World Finals are over and there is a new best League of Legends team in the world. DRX actually did it, playing their way to the title from the play-ins to the finals. The underdog eliminated some big names like CenG, last year’s world champion team EDG and finally superstar Faker’s team, T1. MrBeast was also a guest and now he really wants to buy an LCS team.

Full name James Steven Donaldson
Known as MrBeast
birthday May 7, 1998
Place of birth Kansas, United States
Followers on YouTube 102 million (as of August 2022)
channel views 16.8 billion (as of August 2022)

MrBeast: YouTuber watches gripping LOL Worlds finale between T1 and DRX

LOL Worlds Finale: MrBeast was in San Francisco for the League of Legends World Finals between DRX and T1. The decisive encounter between the two Korean teams could hardly have been more exciting. After T1 won the first game, things got more than tight afterwards.

MrBeast: YouTuber Will “100%” Buy League of Legends Esports Team © Twitter: LOL Esports

DRX demanded everything from T1. So it was 2: 2 in the best of five format. The final game ended up going to DRX, who made their fairy tale a success. For the star-studded team around Faker it’s another defeat in the final of the LOL Worlds.

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MrBeast: League of Legends fan MrBeast wants to buy an LCS team and get into e-sports

MrBeast wants to buy LCS spot: MrBeast was also very taken with the finale and was interviewed by the American casters. MrBeast himself is a big League of Legends fan and player too. As he confirmed in conversation with the casters, he also wants to get into LOL e-sports. MrBeast hit #1 on the US charts with just one line.

When asked if he would like to buy an LCS spot, MrBeast replied, “Oh sure. To 100%. The only question is when do we do it. I want to have a team that can make it this far.” It is not yet known when MrBeast will buy an LCS spot. However, the YouTuber will have to raise some money. A place in the American LCS costs around 13 million US dollars. With the income from his successful restaurant, MrBeast could raise this sum.