Fritz Meinecke struggles with doubts – “I just hate it”

Fritz Meinecke is sitting completely exhausted in his camp at 7 vs. Wild

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Of: Aileen Udovenko

7 vs. Wild: Fritz Meinecke hits a mental low – “I hate it right now” © 7 vs. Wild

Fritz Meinecke is considered one of the favorites at 7 vs. Wild. Now, however, the series founder is already expressing serious doubts about his participation on day two.

Panama – For Fritz Meinecke, not everything goes according to plan in 7 vs. Wild, because day two on the island is already giving the outdoor professional a hard time. After initial difficulties in his search for a suitable shelter spot, he is now reaching his limits in the daily challenge. Completely exhausted, the series founder expresses serious concerns about his continued participation in the YouTube show for the first time. reveals everything about Fritz Meinecke’s mental low point at 7 vs Wild.

After just one day, the serial founder’s exhaustion can be seen. In completely soaked clothes, he can no longer bring himself to continue building his shelter to protect himself from the weather.

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