New blockbuster game confirmed for Game Awards – we think we know what it is

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At the December 8, 2022 once again find the Game Awards by and with Geoff Keighley instead of. Accordingly, the advertising drum for the event is again eagerly beaten and the announcement of a new game has already been announced. Specifically, the publisher 505 Games a corresponding teaser Twitter posted to draw attention to the announcement during the event. The clip shows actor Michael Madsen returning his wallet at the reception desk in Keighley’s office. Inside that wallet is a QR code that directs viewers to a rather cryptic website. Here is a countdown for the reveal with the page name “Visit Rockay City” to see. The question of which title will actually be announced during the event is now in the air. And in this regard we definitely have a guess as to which title could see its revelation.

Do we see Control 2?

In cooperation with 505 Games came, among other things, the praised in our test Control 2019 on the market. There is no official trailer for the sequel yet, but how Remedy Entertainment recently announced on Twitter, there will definitely be a second part. This will be published and developed by 505 Games and Remedy again together. On the other hand, under certain circumstances, the fact that Remedy currently appeals Alan Wake 2 is worked. So it remains questionable which title 505 Games will show at the Game Awards.

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