Pokemon Crimson & Crimson: How to beat the top 4 and top champ

Pokemon Crimson & Crimson: How to beat the top 4 and top champ

After you have placed the eight Gym Leaders in Pokémon Crimson & Crimson defeated, you are almost at the end of your Way of the champ arrived. Now it’s against the strongest coaches the Paldea region and we give you a few tips for duels with the Top 4 and the top champ.

Once you have your eighth Arena Badge in your pocket, you will Nemila say that its now in the Pokémon League may compete. The entrance to the Pokémon League is located near the academy. As a little help, their location is otherwise too on your map marked.

Oral Exam

But before you can compete with the five top trainers, you still have to an oral exam graduate This will Cay perform with you. Overall it consists of eight questionsfor which there are always several possible answers.

The questions in the oral exam go something like this:

  • Question 1: How did you get into the Pokémon League?
  • Question 2: What is the name of the Pokémon Academy you attend?
  • Question 3: Why did you come to the Pokémon League?
  • Question 4: What do you want to do when you become a champ?
  • Question 5: Which arena gave you the most problems?
  • Question 6: What was your starting Pokémon?
  • Question 7: What do you want to do when you become a champ?
  • Question 8: Do you like Pokemon?

Question 5 is a bit trickybecause strictly speaking it exists from three questions. Not only do you have to betray Cay, which arena was particularly difficult for you, but also how the leader the corresponding arena is called and on what type of Pokemon he/she is specialized. If you did everything right, Cay will congratulate you. Otherwise he will refer you to an employee.

But of course we assume that you answer all questions correctly and then start the practical test! Here you compete against the top 4 of “Pokémon Crimson & Crimson” first.

First you have to with Cay measure up. She uses a total of five Ground-type Pokémon against you. She will start with catfish (Level 57) against which you attack from type plant should put. After that follows camerupt (Level 57), which in turn is particularly against water attacks is vulnerable.

The practical test part 1: The top 4

Against Cay’s other Pokémon, Donphan (level 57), digdri (Level 57) and Suelord (Level 58), we recommend you again attacks from type plant. Alternatively we can help you too Ice Attacks further. After defeating Cay, your Pokémon will be healed and you can save. Then wait poppy on you.

Her Pokémon are only slightly stronger than Cay’s, so don’t worry too much. Your team consists of Ice Pokémonmore precisely Patinaraja (level 58), magnet zone (level 58), Bronzong (level 58), carmor (level 58) and finally Granforgita (Level 59). Strength fire attacks work wonders against this team and Poppy’s dreams quickly melt away. On to the next opponent!

The next top 4 member is an old friend: Aoki! Unlike in his arena, however, he now does not place normal bets, but instead Flying Pokémon against you. His team consists of tropius (level 59), choreogel (level 59), Altaria (level 59), Staraptor (Level 59) and flaminkno (Level 60). Ice and Stone attacks are very effective against all of his team’s Pokémon, making them a good choice.

Now we come to last member of the top 4: Sinius. he’s up Dragon Pokémon specialized and his team has it all. He will UHaFnir (level 60), Maxax (level 60), tandra (level 60), dapple (Level 60) and Espinodon (Level 61) use. Attacks by the are particularly effective against them types dragon as well as ice. With this you also bring the last top 4 trainer to his knees.

The practical test part 2: The top champ

After successfully beating all top 4 members, just wait the top champ on you. Sagaria you will have encountered this in the arenas from time to time in “Pokémon Crimson & Crimson”. Now she is facing you and her team is really strong: Psiopatra (level 61), Chevrum (level 61), Agiluza (level 61), arctilas (level 61), Gladimperio (Level 61) and Lumiflora (Level 62) will use them.

Against Psiopatra and Agiluza we recommend Pokémon that Ghost and/or Dark-type attacks command. These are very effective against both. Meanwhile, you should against Lumiflora Plant or Steel attacks deploy. You can do this against Sagaria’s other three Pokémon fire attacks trust. You can also defeat the top champ of the Paldea region and become a champ yourself.

After your triumph in the Pokémon League, you have the Champion’s Path almost completely covered. After defeating Sagaria, Nemila reappear and challenge you to a battle, a duel of champs! She is your final opponent within the story quest line. If you also need some tips for the duel against her, feel free to take a look at our other guides.

After defeating top champ Sagaria, you’ll reach Champion rank! © The Pokemon Company/PlayCentral

“Pokémon Crimson & Crimson” are since November 18, 2022 Available exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.


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