Pokémon Go: Events in December 2022 – Mysterious Blade, Keldeo & Winter

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In December 2022, the trainers in Pokémon Go will of course have a lot to do again, there are a lot of events coming up. And to give you an overview, we list these events handy for you by date; so you don’t miss anything. So, in December 2022, look forward to the Mysterious Blade, which will definitely have something to do with the Knights of Honesty (which you can also find in the raids), special research on Keldeo, and countless winter events. Not to be scoffed at, of course, is the Mega Community Day 2022, when all of the Community Day Pokémon of the past two years spawn in such a crowd in the wild that you almost stumble over it.

December 3, 2022: Mega Raid Day: Off to Hoenn

The Mega Raid Day: Off to Hoenn introduces the three new Mega Evolutions of the Hoenn region, which are unsurprisingly Mega Wriggle, Mega Sumpex, and Mega Blarney. But during the event the Shiny chances are increased to! Take a look inside our guide, in which we have all the important details have held.

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December 6-11, 2022: Mysterious Blade

This event is active from December 6, 2022 at 10:00 a.m. to December 11, 2022 at 8:00 p.m. During this time you will at least find the Knights of Righteousness Virizion and Terrakium in the Tier 5 raids, so it can be assumed that the event is about these Pokémon and is at least based on them. However, there are no details yet.

December 10, 2022: Top Raids

It is likely that the EX Raid Arenas will again see the top raids hatch for 24 hours, and it is even more likely that this will happen again is Hoopa (Unleashed).. So far, however, there has been no confirmation in this regard.

December 10-11, 2022: Something Extraordinary with Keldeo Special Research

Keldeo comes into play, finally! Players have been waiting for what feels like ages for the fifth-generation mythical Pokémon. We will soon find out whether the special research for Keldeo is only temporary or whether the steps will be easier to complete during the event and the rewards will be easier to collect.

December 17-18, 2022: Mega Community Day in December

At the end of the year, the developers of Pokémon Go are holding a mega community day, where the pocket monsters from the Community Days of the past two years, i.e. 2021 and 2022, will again appear in large numbers in the wild.

December 15-23, 2022: Winter Holidays: Part 1

Similar to the Halloween events, the developers of Pokémon Go divide the winter events into two phases. The bonuses from phase 1 will then probably still be active until part 2. As soon as there are details, you will find them with us.

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December 23-31, 2022: Winter Holidays: Part 2

With Winter Holidays Part 2 activating, there’ll be more reasons for you to celebrate, won’t there? We just let ourselves be surprised.

December 24-25, 2022: Winter Wonderland

On Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, there’s an event in addition to the winter holidays that will probably put festively dressed Pokémon in the right light.