Vampire Survivors is getting DLC ​​inspired by Japanese folklore next week

Vampire Survivors is getting DLC ​​inspired by Japanese folklore next week

Vampire Survivors’ development seemed to rocket across 2022, with 1.0 of the vast, inexpensive bullet hell arriving in October. If you still hunger for more, then fret not, more is still coming. Vampire Survivors: Legacy of the Moonspell is coming on December 15th, and it’s a DLC that will add a new new stage, 8 new characters and 13 new weapons.

Legacy Of The Moonspell is set in a realm where the Moon never sets, which presumably makes it perfect for the vampires you seek. The theme is also inspired by Japanese folklore, however. You’ll be battling against new enemies inspired by yokai and oni, and one of the new playable characters is described as “self-consciously a shonen protagonist.”

It’s hard to get a read on what the new weapons really mean. The DLC will add 13, but 4 have been revealed: Silver Wind, a staff; Four Seasons, a set of orbs which “unleash the power of the changing seasons”; Summon Night, which “drips with the darkness of the new moon”; and Mirage Robe, an enchanted kimono imbued with a vengeful spirit.

The new stage is apparently the biggest yet, with several environments inside inculding “an abandoned castle, snow covered mountain, and a yokai infested village”.

Legacy Of The Moonspell is due to launch on December 15th and will cost $2 USD when it does, although there’s no word on regional pricing yet. Moonspell will also require the base game to play, which costs a staggering $5/£4. You can find more screenshots on its Steam page.

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