Avatar The Way of Water: Critics Say “A Masterpiece!”

Will there be a separate Avtar series?

The official theatrical release of Avatar. The Way of Water is not on the program until next week. However, already found recently the big world premiere of the film was held in Leicester Square, London. To this goods numerous guests invited, including some cinema critics and other representatives from the media scene. meanwhile is lifted the social media embargo, the first reviews are pouring in. These paint an interesting picture of Avatar 2.

Is Avatar: The Way of Water a Masterpiece?

A majority of the short reviews via Twitter are full of praise for the second Avatar film. Above all the technique and the visual staging from Avatar: The Way of Water excellent way. Some of the critics even called the film a “visual masterpiece”. It sums it up particularly well Kevin McCarthy in his rather effusive tweet. “James Cameron’s Avatar: The Way of Water is a monumental achievement in cinematic art with a great balance between technology and emotion. The 48 FPS and 3D experience offers one of the most amazing experiences I have ever seen. I felt like the kid, who saw Terminator 2 for the first time.”

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Hit a similar notch Jake Hamilton from Good Day Chicago or Jack Shepherd from Total Film.

They, too, demonstrate the technical quality of the film extremely excited and also state that the fierce running time of more than three hours by no means for boring passages would worry.

They even praise it explicitly storytelling and character development.

The slightly more critical voices

However, there are also some critics who do not want to fully join the orgy of jubilation around Avatar: The Way of Water. While they also pay tribute to the great technology, they criticize both one certain lengthiness as well as one in their opinion rather thin story. This would only serve to burn off the CGI fireworks.