Guild Wars 2: There are now 96 new Legendaries – Arenanet’s trick

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Unlocking legendary weapons in GW2 is part of the endgame for many players, but also one of the best activities. After all, these are the ultimate weapons Arenanet’s MMORPG has to offer. Once you build a legendary greatsword, you never have to get one again – it will always have all combinations of values ​​to offer and will never be surpassed by any other sword in DpS values.

At the release of Guild Wars 2 (buy now €49.95 ) there was the first generation, with a skin for each weapon type (even several for greatswords). But if you didn’t like these skins, you could get four new Legendaries with the release of the Heart of Thorns expansion in 2015, for short bow, pistol, ax and staff. But what about the rest of the weapon types? It was only in May 2019 that Exordium, the last missing second-generation weapon type, appeared. Underwater weapons only existed in Generation 1. In 2019 there were exactly 37 legendary weapon skins.

How many have entered the game since End of Dragons released on February 28, 2022? 96 skins! How does it work? With trickery.

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