WoW fans celebrate: “Dragonflight makes me want to log in less”

WoW fans celebrate: "Dragonflight makes me want to log in less"

There is little to do in WoW: Dragonflight – is there? At least WoW fans are happy that they have to log in less often. We explain what they mean.

World of Warcraft Dragonflight has been out for just under a week and has been showered with positive feedback from all sides. One of the most sincere and at the same time strangest expressions of praise is the statement that Dragonflight is really good because you don’t want to log in as often anymore. We reveal what it’s all about.

What is that statement? The statement may seem a bit strange or even cynical, but it is meant to be positive and certainly praiseworthy. Because the Twitter user PuwudleRS wrote:

The extension makes me want to log in less…

… and that feels fantastic!

I don’t log in to grind Artifact Power (Legion, BfA).
I’m not logging in to do grueling Torghast runs (Shadowlands).
I’m not logging in to see what world quests spawned day by day.

I log in, do a few quests, ride my dragon, do a dungeon here and there, do some PvP, then log out and play other games because there’s just no pressure to grind infinite amounts of stupid artifact power, to “not lose touch” for dungeons and raids.

For the first time since playing WoW (I’ve been playing since Legion), I don’t feel any pressure to do certain things. I feel free to do whatever I want.
THAT… is how you make sure I’ll keep my subscription for months and months in case someone from Blizzard is reading this. By NOT urging me to log in every day. (…)

WoW shows the most important features of Dragonflight in the gameplay trailer, fans praise: “Finally hype again”

What exactly is meant by that? In contrast to “Shadowlands”, “Battle for Azeroth” and also “Legion” there is almost no compulsory grind to be mastered in Dragonflight. There is no item that you have to keep improving and no big power systems where there is a requirement that everyone is maxed out immediately.

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Therefore, in Dragonflight it is much easier to set your own goals and just play what you feel like. This is also a good idea, because various events take place all over the world. It could be a centaur hunt, a tuskarr cooking event, or even the black dragon citadel siege. And then of course there are professions, pet battles, PvP and tons of reputation factions with numerous cosmetic rewards.

Community shares the view: In the relevant post, there are many who share these views and are excited about the “shift of priorities” in Dragonflight. Some of the other comments say something like:

  • “Amen, brother. I logged in and was like, Ehhh, maybe I’ll farm some reputation. I did. Then I did a world quest. Then I wanted to play the priest and I did that. I didn’t feel guilty. Don’t worry I’ll have to do more. What a terrific concept.”
  • “I just fly around and pick up anything that sparkles. Best extension.”
  • “Finally we no longer log in because we have to, but because we want to play the game!”

Do you share this impression of Dragonflight? Do you also think it’s good to have more freedom and less pressure? Or do you have nothing to do and are you bored?