WoW nerfs one of the best ways to level in Dragonflight

WoW nerfs one of the best ways to level in Dragonflight

Today, December 7th, Blizzard has released a new patch for WoW Dragonflight. This changes how much experience you get through the new professions and at the same time brings with it a number of adjustments to classes as well as bug fixes.

What is this method? Ever since Dragonflight, you’ve been credited with experience points for crafting items. The method is so good that the fastest players have reached level 70 through crafting.

If you create a recipe for the first time with a manufacturing profession, such as a blacksmith or jeweler, you get about as much experience for it as for a quest. In the latest patch, Blizzard has now restricted how often this works.

How is crafting nerfed? So far you have received the “First Craft” bonus for up to 60 recipes. Now, with the December 7th patch, this only applies to 30 recipes. This was changed because, according to Blizzard, too many players only learned professions to level and then unlearned them again.

For the average player, the nerf shouldn’t make much of a difference if you’re only using a manufacturing profession. However, for people looking to power level, one of the best leveling methods has now gotten worse. You can find more tips on how to level up faster in Dragonflight on MeinMMO.

Professions have been heavily adjusted with Dragonflight and now even have talents. We tell you how you skill professions in WoW faster. In the video you will find an overview of the changes to the system:

WoW: Dragonflight revised professions – All features explained under 2 minutes

Patch on December 7 brings balancing and nerfs

This is still in the patch: Along with the profession nerfs, there are also adjustments to the classes. Below are buffs for 3 underpowered classes and nerfs for 2 overpowered. In addition, a number of errors have been fixed, such as:

  • Soggy lumps of Darkmoon Cards and Card Bundles: Dragon Isles should no longer crash your game
  • Fishing Holes should now be properly available to all players with a reputation of 4 with the Iskaara Tuskarr
  • Some display errors and other bugs. You will find the full ones Patch notes in the English WoW forum
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There were more adjustments during the night. For example, we have fixed how much loot you get from Siege of Dragonbane Fortress. There it is possible to pick up strong prey several times a day.

Some players took advantage of this to quickly complete the event one after the other using the group search tool and thus collect several loot bags.

Next week, probably on December 14th, Season 1 of Dragonflight starts and with it the first raid as well as the mythical keystone dungeons. If you’re not satisfied with your class, or if you want to play another alt, you still have plenty of time to do so now. We’ll help you decide:

Which class should I play in WoW Dragonflight? We recommend 5 classes, we advise against 2