WoW Guide: Terros in the Vault of Incarnations Raid (LFR, Normal, Heroic)

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The second raid boss in the Vault of Incarnations, the first raid in WoW: Dragonflight, is not for those who don’t like movement: you only have to deal with one opponent, but its sophisticated mechanics mean that you often have to take your legs in hand. Unfortunately, the primalists failed summoning the raid boss Terros – they could only half summon him, the lower one is stuck somewhere. That doesn’t mean Terros is just a pushover, though. On the contrary, his anger at his condition only makes him smack you even more mercilessly.

General information about the Vault of Incarnations

You can find the raid in the east of Thaldraszus (73/56)

Normal mode: December 14, 2022

Heroic Mode: December 14, 2022

Mythic mode: December 14, 2022

LFR mode

1st wing: from December 21, 2022

2nd wing: from January 4, 2023

3rd wing: from January 18, 2023

Minimum item level for LFR: 359We will include video guides from Hazelnuttygames for you if you prefer to see moving images 😀 Below you will find a German text version. The raid guides are currently still based on the WoW beta (buy now ): Dragonflight – Details may have changed from developer side. If there have been major adjustments, we will make adjustments to the guides. On our overview page for the WoW guides to the Vault of Incarnations you will find the guides to all known bosses.

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Terros: Running is the order of the day

is to blame ROCK FALL. This colossal attack hits a player, dealing a lot of damage but splitting it among nearby raid members (on Mythic, the damage is raid-wide, reduced by the number of players at the point of impact). Accordingly, allies should hurry to the target of the STONE SLASH! At the same time, however, some raid members are also targeted by the boss, which causes earth spikes from in their place a short time later AWAKENED EARTH shoot out of the ground. These pulsate with damage throughout the raid until they are destroyed – more earth turrets, more damage. However, tanks can destroy these spikes by using the line-fired attack SHOCKING BREAKING steer towards them. This will damage the entire raid as well, so have burst healing ready.

In addition, players hit by CONCLOSING SHATTER take 30% more damage from subsequent boss attacks for 45 seconds. Since the effect is stackable, tank swapping becomes important at this point. On top of that, the boss must not be left unguarded: if nobody is in his range, he will cast the deadly attack TECTONIC Bombardmentwhich he uses to continuously send raid-wide waves of damage.

Terros: Rage timer through AoE

The AoE areas with which Terros gradually fills the arena are a kind of timer. Because he works CRASHING IMPACTwhich damages players in an area and knocks them up, then falls after this attack CRACKED RUBBISH from the ceiling, hitting characters again at the impact sites and above all RESONANT EFFECT leaves; a deadly, golden glowing area that inflicts Nature damage every second.

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A gigantic version of these fields is created when Terros reaches 100 energy: With a slash that hits a quarter of the arena, Terros destroys earth spikes from there AWAKENED EARTH. That sounds practical at first, but the boss converts this quarter of the arena into RESONANT AFTERACT. On top of that, CRACKED RUBBLE falls from the ceiling again, which also leaves the annoying AoE fields behind. Also do not forget that the explosion of spikes, depending on the number, can cause high damage to the entire raid in a short time. Healers must be prepared!

So the fight is a real race against time: intercept STONE FALL together and let tanks destroy the earth spikes of AWAKENED EARTH. At the same time, healers must compensate for the resulting damage. And at the same time you have to kill the boss fast enough before the whole arena is filled with RESONANT AFTERACT and you literally run out of space to stand safely.