4Players: Games of the year 2022: 9th place: As Dusk Falls

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As Dusk Falls is one of the biggest surprises of the gaming year 2022. Because the pre-trailers just couldn’t convey what makes the game so special in the end. On the one hand there is the very special, moving visual novel style of the narrative adventure of INTERIOR/NIGHT, which only really unfolds on the home screen. The high-quality illustrations in 3D areas are an exciting, stylistic unique selling point that conveys amazing dynamics, especially in dialogues. In addition, there is no gossip, no requests – here important scene follows important scene, which is really good for the narrative pace.

But the real star of As Dusk Falls is the story, which can fully unfold thanks to game mechanics that have been reduced to the essentials. The story in a modern Western style, with its reluctant bandits, the hostage-taking in the Two-Rocks Motel, simply pulls you along – and is driven by the decisions of the player, which often enough decide about life and death. Outstanding speakers and a great soundtrack round off this strong narrative adventure, which can also be enjoyed together in front of a console. As Dusk Falls once again makes it clear how gripping games can tell stories and is one of the Game Pass must-have games for 2022 – and therefore deserves to be in the top 10 of our games of the year.

10th place: Pentiment
11th place: F1 22
12th place: tunic
13th place: Stray
14th place: Signalis
15th place: Bayonetta 3
16th place: A Plague Tale: Requiem
17th place: Gran Turismo 7
18th place: Return to Monkey Island

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