Annoying dialogues and disappointing fights: Forspoken demo is rather mixed

Forspoken can currently be tried out free of charge, but it is not only well received.

Forspoken can currently be tried out free of charge, but it is not only well received.

Forspoken will be released in January and was given a free-to-play demo as part of the Game Awards. Of course, this is now being tried out diligently, but is not equally well received by everyone. While some can certainly be enthusiastic about the gameplay mix, there is also a lot of criticism. We look at the votes and add our own two cents.

Forspoken demo helps with the purchase decision, at least everyone agrees

What’s the matter: Forspoken comes from Square Enix and will be released exclusively on PS5 and PC at the end of January. The action RPG was originally supposed to appear earlier, but it was postponed. Then 3 days ago a demo was released, thanks to which we can try the game.

Here you see, what to expect in the Forspoken demo:

Forspoken unveils demo with new trailer, which is out now


Forspoken unveils demo with new trailer, which is out now

What is praised?

Of the unused mix combines an everyday heroine from our time and world with tons of fantasy elements. This means that there are some original ideas in Forspoken, the setting looks fresh and the heroine is also wearing sneakers.

That goes down pretty well with some fans, who are also praised Setting options, the combat system and the flowwhich can set in there and during the traversal after a certain time.

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This is criticized:

However, many people see it differently. They complain that Combat system no fun would make that the setting doesn’t fit, the story in the demo is hardly there. What can be seen and heard about it would be very exhausting or even daunting. The protagonist’s dialogues and sayings are perceived by many players as not funny or even as mean.

Also the graphics doesn’t go over well with most people. All in all, it is a bit too blurry and the brightness and contrast settings also leave a lot to be desired. Details can hardly be made out and the user interface also takes some getting used to and is impractical. The effect thunderstorm often covers the rest, so that hardly anything can be seen and the fights become confusing.

The game world seems empty and uninteresting to some testers. The movements in the game world would usually not be much fun because the controls don’t feel direct enough (via: Reddit).

But everyone agrees on one point:

A demo version is something really good for consumers. Being able to try out full-price titles in an extensive demo before we have to decide whether we should spend 70 to 80 euros on a game should definitely (again) make school.

Editorial opinion:

Esteemed colleague Max also took a look at the Forspoken demo and you can read what he has to say about it here.

Since the first announcement, Forspoken has had the problem that I don’t understand what this game actually wants from me. The mix of fantasy setting with modern elements and a talking bracelet doesn’t want to come together in my head to form a coherent whole. I was therefore hoping that a demo could lift the opaque veil. But that didn’t happen, on the contrary. The open world gives me lifeless, generic Sonic Frontier vibes, the combat was ok, and the story, which is potentially the most compelling element for me, was nil. Instead, I endured the most annoying sidekick dialogue I’ve experienced in a long time. After all, their frequency can be reduced in the options menu. At the release Forspoken can still tear something with a good story and interesting places on the map, but with this demo the game didn’t do itself any favors, at least for me.

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Have you tried the Forspoken demo yet? How did you like her?