Hunt – Showdown: Fel Moon event sets cards on fire – News

Picture by Ramona Kiuntke

Ramona Kiuntke 3367 EXP – Editor,R12,S12,A12
December 12, 2022 – 11:22 am — Last updated 28 minutes ago

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Apparently, the German game developer Crytek is not only lighting up a little candle during the Advent season, but various maps of the PvPvE shooter Hunt-Showdown. On December 14th, the Fel Moon event starts and in it the areas of the monster-infested bayou are burning. Even before, depending on the weather, a whole lap in fog could make visibility difficult, but at the event there is sometimes smoke over the landscape and flames blaze. In the attached trailer you can get an impression of the new battlefield conditions.

Other content of the event is loud Rock Paper Shotgun including new weapons and weapon variants, Legendary rewards. Crytek has not yet revealed more about the event, which will start in a few days.

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