Preorder Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, Obi-Wan Outfit as Preorder Bonuses – Preorder Guide

Preorder Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, Obi-Wan Outfit as Preorder Bonuses - Preorder Guide

If you are considering a purchase of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor think about it, you now have the opportunity to pre-order. But is it worth pre-ordering? Is there a preorder bonus?

We would like to ask you these questions in our Preorder Guide so that in the end you can decide for yourself whether the preorder is worthwhile for you or whether you prefer to wait until the launch.

What are the advantages of pre-booking?

Will there be a preorder bonus? Yes, indeed there will be one pre-order bonus give. And it actually turns out to be quite impressive. We get one from Obi-Wan inspired cosmetic packif we pre-order the game before launch.

  • Cosmetic Pack: “Jedi Survival”
    • Hermit cosmetic item – garment by Obi Wan Kenobi.
    • Hermit Lightsaber Set – lightsaberwhich is based on Obi-Wan’s first lightsaber.
    • Combustion Blaster Set – blasters an outlaw, outlaw through and through from Coruscant to the Outer Rim.

Consider that the Preorder bonus on all platforms is played. So you can access it without hesitation, no matter which platform you own.

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What does the Deluxe Edition of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor bring?

In addition to the standard edition, which only comes with the main game and the pre-order bonus if you pre-ordered the game before the release, there are still a “deluxe edition”.

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The Deluxe Edition also includes a few cosmetic items that are also based on well-known characters.

  • Cosmetic Pack: “Galactic Hero”
    • Rogue cosmetic item, outfit based on Han Solo.
    • BD-1 cosmetic item “Bracked”, a sturdy one Outfit for BD-1.
    • Blaster set “DL-44” – the most legendary blasters in a galaxy far, far away.
  • Cosmetic Pack: “New Hero”
    • Hero of the Rebellion cosmetic item, Luke’s outfit with a yellow jacket.
    • BD-1 cosmetic object “BD-Astro”, inspired by the astromech R2-D2.
    • Hero of the Rebellion lightsaber set, based on the lightsaber by Luke Skywalker.

the deluxe edition costs 99.99 euros and is in physical form only for that PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X available. You can find the digital counterpart in the PS Store, Microsoft Store and on Origin (10% discount with EA Play).

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Is there a collector’s edition of the game?

Yes, there will be a Collector’s Edition of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. She is from Limited run games produced and for 299 euros sold. It offers the following amenities for “Star Wars” fans.

Unlike some others Collector’s Editions does this contain that main game (in physical form). So you don’t have to buy it separately, while a Steelbook upgrades the standard case. And what else is in the package?

  • Cal Kestis’ lightsaber-Replica – just the handle that Blade is sold separately (!)
  • Premium magnetic box
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • Official SteelBook
  • Physical copy of main game in the Deluxe Edition (PC digital only)

Remember to pre-order the Collector’s Edition for the correct platform!

© EA/Respawn Entertainment/Lucasfilm Games

What is Star Wars Jedi: Survivor about?

In “Star Wars Jedi: Survivor” we experience another adventure Cal Kestis and BD-1. Cal has now become a handsome Jedi Knight grown up and his faithful robot companion must not be missing on his journey.

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In terms of content, we do one time jump of five years into the future and our protagonist is now being pursued relentlessly by the Galactic Empire. That’s why he’s leaving dangerous alliances one that promises ominous things.

There are new ones on the gameplay page Mounts, Force Abilities, and Lightsaber Styles. Here you see his new lightsaberreminiscent of Kylo Ren’s.

On top of that, there are new ranged mechanics, because Cal Kestis now has one blasters.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor will be released on March 17, 2023 for the PS5, Xbox Series X and the personal computer.