Pre-order Final Fantasy 16 – Collector’s Edition comes with massive Esper statue

Final Fantasy 16 - Preorder Bonus

Final Fantasy 16 appears on June 22, 2022 for the PlayStation 5 and the game is available to pre-order now. We take a look at the presale. Is the pre-order worth it? And what editions are there?

You can find all the answers in this one Preorder Guide. If you are still unsure which version it should be in the end, you can probably answer that with this help.

Are there any extras if I pre-order Final Fantasy 16?

Is there a preorder bonus? Yes, if you pre-purchase Final Fantasy XVI, you will get one regular preorder bonus on top. That even applies to them standard edition of the game. The basic package includes the following upgrades:

  • Gil Boost Accessory: Cait Sith Talisman
  • bonus weapon named Braveheart

The standard edition for the PS5 is for 79.99 euros on offer. By the way, Amazon has it exclusive steel book for the same price if you pre-order the game.

Besides, there are AT-PEGI version with an 18+ rating. Which version would you buy?

Pre-Order Bonus and Standard Edition of Final Fantasy XVI © Square Enix

What does Final Fantasy 16 Deluxe Edition offer?

It continues with the Deluxe Edition, which is next to the main game – and the pre-order bonus if you pre-order – with a steel book and one Map of the world in physical form trumps.

  • Final Fantasy XVI: The main game for the PS5
  • steel book with protagonist Clive Rosefield
  • world map by Valisthea to roll out
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By the way, this is the deluxe edition not the same Steelbook, which Amazon offers. It has a completely different motif, but the character remains the same.

The price of the deluxe version amounts to 109.99 eurosexclusively for the PlayStation 5.

Final Fantasy XVI Deluxe Edition © Square Enix

What does the Digital Deluxe Edition bring?

Final Fantasy XVI gets one on top of that Digital deluxe edition, which is quite different from the regular version. If you want to give up the physical amenities, you should check it out digital pack look at:

  • main game in the Digital Deluxe Edition for the PS5
  • included Digital mini art book
  • included Digital Mini Soundtrack
  • Scholar’s Spectacles: Experience boost accessory
  • plus preorder bonus

You can find the Digital Deluxe Edition in the PlayStation Store. This version costs you 99.99 euros. Is the extra cost worth it?

Digital Deluxe Edition of Final Fantasy XVI © Square Enix

What does Final Fantasy 16 Collector’s Edition include?

And finally there is one more Collector’s Edition of the game, which contains many physical goodies. That is what really catches the eye diorama. An epic statue that has the fight between Ifrit and Phoenix shows.

But that was not it. All included goodies are:

  • That main game for the PS5
  • One mega box for collectors with beautiful artwork (by FF illustrator Yoshitaka Amano)
  • steel book (from digital edition)
  • premium statue: Phoenix vs Ifrit (Egg Icons)
  • Eikon Pin Collection made of metal
  • world map by Valisthea to roll out
  • Bonus Weapon: Blood Sword DLC

If you purchase the Collector’s Edition in the Square Enix store pre-ordered, there are also a few extras on top:

  • Final Fantasy XVI – Preorder Steelbook
  • 6 inch high printed cloth banner: The Realms of Valisthea
  • Digital mini art book
  • Digital Mini Soundtrack
  • Scholar’s Spectacles: Experience boost accessory
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This version is not yet available from Amazon. We will inform you PlayCentral.dewhen it appears in a store.

Final Fantasy XVI Collector’s Edition © Square Enix

What is Final Fantasy 16 about?

Final Fantasy 16 is the latest main installment in the Final Fantasy series. The game puts us in the skin of Clive Rosefielda skilled swordsman faced with a dark fate.

His job is his brother joshua to protect. For Joshua carries the phoenix within him, which is what is called the Dominus of the Phoenix power. But unforeseen things happen and Clive embarks on one path of revenge.

In the 16th main game, the focus is on the espers (Eikon) that are part of a character. We can put them in call fighting and go into battle with them. Sound epic? And that’s it, like that game trailer demonstrate.

“In Final Fantasy XVI, players not only battle giant Eikons in Clive’s small, human form, but also have the opportunity to grow as large as an Eikon and become an Eikon themselves, fighting other Eikons that way.”

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In addition, it seems to be an extremely dark Final Fantasy, which not least the high PEGI rating indicates.