WoW: Dragonflight Season 1 – which item level is where?

WoW: Mythic Plus in Season 1 - Dungeons, Loot, Affixes (all info)

from Philip Sattler
When the first season of WoW: Dragonflight starts on December 14th, it will be confusing. Because the sources of good equipment are increasing rapidly and thanks to new systems, hardly anyone has a clear view. We’ll tell you where to get which item level.

Compared to previous expansions, the equipment system in WoW: Dragonflight is relatively complicated. Although there are fewer systems than in Shadowlands or BfA, they are much more complex than in the past. It starts with the raid, in which three different item levels now drop for each level of difficulty, continues with the Mythic Plus dungeons (up to 15 different item levels) and in Dragonflight also extends to the profession system. Depending on the specialization and materials, up to 27 different item levels are possible!

If you now add PvP to it, it’s no wonder that hardly any player has a clear view of where there is something to get. It was probably the same for the player broskolnikov. So he sat down and created an Excel spreadsheetin which he describes every item level that was used in the first season of WoW (buy now ): Dragonflight can drop anywhere, lists and classified.