Los Santos Drug Wars: That’s in the new update for GTA Online

In the new DLC for GTA 5 you become a drug lord (1)

We recently reported on the announcement of a new GTA Online DLC. This is the “Los Santos Drug Wars” update, which has been available since the 13th December on the personal computerthe PlayStation 5the Xbox Series X/Sthe PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One is available. Here, fans of the title can expect six new story missions, some new characters and new cars. There is also a large number of new items of clothing for your character to purchase in the update to the Rockstar Sandox title. until December 22 double the GTA dollars can be earned with the missions. The return of the character Ron from the GTA 5 single player campaign has also been announced. For those who are part of GTA+, Rockstar has a few more things up its sleeve.

Los Santos Drug Wars with GTA+

The exclusive bonuses include, for example, a new one LSD labwith which after the completion of the story mission “First Dose – Off the Track” your own Brickade 6×6 can be upgraded.

Also with a new plane that Buckingham Alpha Z1, is promoted by Rockstar. This aircraft can be picked up at Elitás Travel. A new Los Santos Airport hangar can be picked up at Maze Bank Foreclosures. There are also numerous Christmas clothes when you log in, which give your character the right holiday look. In addition, there are other bonuses in terms of armor or payment for completed missions are also waiting for the user base of the subscription. This costs currently 5.99 euros per month.

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