Dead Island 2 cut in Germany, difference to the international version

Dead Island 2: New Gameplay!  This is going to be really brutal... (1)

Dead Island 2 will be released in Germany – but not uncut. As announced by Deep Silver, zombie action is getting one USK-18 clearance and will therefore also be on the market in Germany on April 28, 2023. The announcement states: “The USK version will offer all game-relevant features of the international version of Dead Island 2, including the bloody zombie action according to all the rules of Schnetzel art.” But there is one difference to the international version: Once you’ve killed the zombies, you can no longer interact with them in the USK version.

Dead Island 2 not uncut in Germany

“For players of the USK version, once the zombies are chopped up, crushed to a pulp or flambéed, they can no longer damage them – and why should they? After all, there are enough zombies roaming around just waiting to be dismantled “, adds Deep Silver to the age rating of Dead Island 2 (buy now ) in Germany. In co-op sessions, both players of the USK version and the international version can go zombie hunting together. However: For the duration of the session, no further damage can be added to the undead that have already been defeated, neither in the USK nor in the international version. Another dismemberment is therefore not possible once the zombie has died.