Win a Backforce V gaming chair – Finally sit comfortably, with all the extras you need!

Win a Backforce V gaming chair - Finally sit comfortably, with all the extras you need!

Sitting comfortably at last, can’t it be that difficult? If you’ve already said that to yourself while eking out your gamer existence on a discarded kitchen chair, then here’s a competition for you: Win a Backforce V gaming chair worth €430! It’s specifically designed for long periods of sitting, which is what you want when you’re playing good games for a long night.

The Backforce V is designed for a weight of up to 130 kilograms, from 1.50 m to 1.92 m tall you will find plenty of space in the chic armchair. The Backforce V has an integrated, fixed lumbar support so that your back is not left to its own devices and you adopt a healthy posture. The synchro adjusts when you lean back and gives you the right amount of resistance. In the Red/Blue version raffled here, the armrests can be folded down, so you can put the Backforce V in exactly the position you need for gaming.

As mentioned before, the version you can win here is called Red/Blue and comes with a blue upholstery and red trim. The gaming room can certainly be a little trendy. If you need a little more of that, you can upgrade the Backforce V with a Gamer Pulse compatible LED kit. This then lights up the back of your chair in sync with the rest of your equipment for the perfect all-round LED experience.

But the Backforce V is not only chic, it is also sustainably produced. The fabric is made from recycled material and the honeycomb pattern is not glued but applied using electro welding. This keeps the material of the chair recyclable, because Backforce knows that everything is finite, even the life of a Backforce V. But there is still a while to go and now you have to play to win the Backforce V! You can find out more about the Backforce V and other products from the company here official site.

The closing date for entries is December 26, 2022 at 11:59 p.m.

Backforce 12/14/22

  • Entry must be from a Eurogamer user to be valid. Prizes will be drawn from all valid entries.
  • Eurogamer and Backforce V employees are excluded from participation.
  • If you do not provide a valid e-mail address, you cannot be notified.
  • Multiple submissions from the same email address or Eurogamer user will be ignored.
  • If the winner does not respond within four weeks of receiving the winning message, the prize will go to another participant.
  • Only readers from countries where there is a Eurogamer site may enter.
  • The legal process is excluded.

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