After Death Stranding 2, Kojima even wants to unveil another game in 2023

Death Stranding 2 Trailer Snippet From Game Awards 2022: Kojima Brings Sam And Fragile Back To DS2!

Hideo Kojima took the stage at the recent Game Awards alongside Geoff Keighley to win first official trailer of Death Stranding 2 to reveal that is currently in development for the PlayStation 5. But while Death Stranding 2 will be the next game from Hideo Kojima and his team, one is already in the works behind the scenes further project, about which not much was known until now. Now, however, the mastermind behind Metal Gear has revealed in a video celebrating his studio’s seventh anniversary, Kojima Productions first details of the secret game. This is currently being planned for the Xbox and will be announced in more detail next year.

First details on Kojima’s secret project

Earlier this year, Microsoft announced a partnership with Kojima Productions to “develop a video game for Xbox like no one has seen or experienced before, and that will harness the power of the cloud.” Details on the new project have been sparse since then, but Kojima has now stated that more information can be expected as soon as next year.

In a short video on the official YouTube channel of his studio Kojima Productions, he celebrates the seventh anniversary of his development team. In the video he thanks the fans for their support over the past few years and then explains: “In addition to DS2, we are also preparing a completely new game and some visual projects”.

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At the Game Awards a few days ago, Hideo Kojima hinted that he still has some unannounced projects in the pipeline. We don’t yet know exactly what the mysterious game for the Xbox is all about. However, it is logically not Death Stranding 2, which is currently in development for the Playstation. Accordingly, the project should be a completely new brand.

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Details next year

Kojima adds in the video: “I hope to give you more information about all these games next year.” Given that Death Stranding 2 is likely to be the main focus right now, it could still be some time before we get any real details about Kojima Productions’ new IP.

Not to mention a release date: Kojima and his studio should now have their hands full with Death Stranding. And even for the game there is still no release window. Nevertheless, Kojima’s comment gives hope that the new game won’t be that long in coming. After all, Death Stranding 2 will “only” be a sequel, so there should already be a solid basis for the game not to remain in development for quite so long. And in 2023 we can expect new details about the second mysterious project.

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