Epic Games 24 Hour Free Game #3: Costume Quest 2 is ready

Epic Games 24 Hour Free Game #3: Costume Quest 2 is ready

from Thilo Bayer
Epic Games has unveiled the third mystery free game, and fans of Double Fine’s humor should rejoice.

At 5 p.m. sharp, Epic lifted the veil on the third mysterious game. After the tower defense game Bloons TD 6 and the arcade racing game Horizon Chase Turbo, there is now a work by Double Fine.

Third game: Costume Quest 2

The third 24-hour free game is described as “exploring spooky time-traveling landscapes, donning new costumes that transform into powerful Hello Warriors, and collecting even more spooky candy cards to use in battles against deploy a legion of hygiene-obsessed villains”. The unusual role-playing game by the no less unusual studio Double Fine Productions is now available Epic ready by Sunday at 16:59.

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Double Fine, founded in 2000 by Lucas Arts veteran Tim Schafer, has been part of Microsoft since 2019 and stands for games like Psychonauts, The Cave and Brutal Legend, but also remasters of Grim Fandango, Full Throttle and Day of the Tentacle. Costume Quest 2, the sequel to the 2011 Halloween adventure, was released in October 2014 and received an 87 percent approval rating from competitor Steam.

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It went on to say, trick-and-treating and battling with nasty Tooth Soldiers in Costume Quest 2, the sweet sequel to the Double Fine hit Costume Quest that turned fans of all ages into candy-obsessed crusaders. This inspired RPG Adventure includes a host of new features and gameplay improvements that double the mischievous fun. Explore spooky time-traveling landscapes, don new costumes that transform into powerful Hello Warriors, and collect even more spooky Candy Cards, to use against a legion of hygiene-obsessed villains. Only heroic siblings Wren and Reynold can save Halloween forever!”

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