New World: Standard, Deluxe and Azoth Edition – currently with a 50 percent discount

New World: Play for Free - Free2Play Weekend (December 15-19) (1)

from Philip Sattler
Just in time for the Free2Play weekend, Amazon has halved the prices for the three editions of New World. You get the standard, the deluxe and the Azoth Edition 50 percent cheaper – but only until January 5, 2023.

Maybe New World, the MMO from Amazon, couldn’t meet all expectations, but a year after its release it has a stable player base and, thanks to various improvements and patches, is now considered a good game. This is also supported by the number of players, which have increased again in recent months.

In any case, the developers themselves are from New World (buy now €20.00 )üconvinced and are currently trying to convince new players of the potential of the MMO with a free Steam weekend. In order to keep these (hopefully) enthusiastic players in the world of Aeternum, Amazon has now put together a special offer.