Cyberpunk puzzles in The Witcher 3? Mysterious symbol in the next-gen update

The Witcher 3 - Win all fist fights in the role-playing game and get a maximum of three achievements.

Myths and speculations are undoubtedly part of the fascination surrounding open-world games. And now CD Projekt Red understood it with both The Witcher 3as well as with Cyberpunk 2077 to build a multitude of such stories into their own worlds. At the same time, an unsolved mystery from cyberpunk is currently causing head scratching and discussions. In Night City there is a statue under which the characters “FF:06:B5” are to be read. Through that of all things Next gen update for The Witcher 3, this same mystery became a topic of conversation again.

Night City in The Witcher 3?

With the update, a small change on the overworld seems to have made it into the game. the youtuber”xLetalis“, which Kotaku also references, for example, shows a change in the ruined bastion of Velen. After flipping switches in three different ruins, an earth elemental will appear between them.

Once defeated, a will appear on a nearby hill portal, which teleports you to a tower. Inside the tower will be invincible with Geralt Wraith’s confronted. During the escape through the tower, a symbol can be seen on the wall, which reminds the Youtuber of the Illumnati symbol. In the middle of this very symbol is an arrangement of lines, which is also located under the statue in Night City.

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Around this arrangement are further characters which can be read translated as “FF”, “VQ”, “BZ”, “GB”, “KW”, “FP”, “OVE” and “YAR”. But the question of what all these signs and symbols ultimately mean remains open.

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