4Players: Games of the Year 2022: 1st place: Elden Ring

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From Software crowns you – even after the fifth game still an unused principle – with a trip to the open world of the Zwischenland. What frustration-resistant and patient players can experience in Elden Ring defies description and, at least in terms of play, is the absolute spearhead of all open-world games available to date.

The game world is bursting with worthwhile secrets, such as dark caves, hidden entrances and passages, a sprawling, underground area and, of course, intermediate and final bosses that really deserve the name. The level of difficulty is still quite ruthless in Elden Ring, thanks to numerous aids – such as spirit ashes, NPC helpers and a weapon and magic system that can be granularly adapted to your own playing style – there is a real chance even for newcomers to end after around 200 hours of history and ascend the throne as the Elden Lord.

As a small point of criticism, however, it must be mentioned that the game world runs out of air towards the end, both visually and in terms of design. Copy and paste dungeons and small graphic errors also leave room for improvement for Elden Ring 2. Nevertheless, From’s masterpiece is undoubtedly the game of the year 2022, which is not least evident from the fact that the memories of the past adventures are still as fresh after almost a year as on the first day after the platinum trophy.

2nd place: God of War Ragnarok
3rd place: The Last of Us Part 1
4th place: Vampire Survivors
5th place: Horizon Forbidden West
6th place: The Callisto Protocol
7th place: Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope
8th place: Xenoblade Chronicles 3
9th place: As Dusk Falls
10th place: Pentiment
11th place: F1 22
12th place: tunic
13th place: Stray
14th place: Signalis
15th place: Bayonetta 3
16th place: A Plague Tale: Requiem
17th place: Gran Turismo 7
18th place: Return to Monkey Island

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