Is James Gunn Quitting Every Hero In The DC Universe Now? That’s what he says about it!

Superman surrounded by admirers.

Since the James Gunn and Peter Safran for the DC Studios were committed, there have already been some changes to report. movies like Wonder Woman 3 or Man of Steel 2 were cancelled, for example. In addition, it was recently announced that the new Superman flick would not be without Henry Cavill is filmed in the lead role. But are all roles within the DC cosmos now automatically recast because of this? James Gunn has now commented on this on Twitter.

New castings for the DCU?

Recently we only had the immense backlash reports what Gunn and Safran were confronted with after their decision for the next Superman movie. Under the Twitter thread in which Gunn described his experiences with the backlash, the potential casting of other roles was also a topic. When asked by a user about exactly that, the director replied: “I keep seeing posts with this false theory. We will not be recasting all roles outside of The Suicide Squad.”

It remains to be seen whether fans will be satisfied with his answer. After all, it is still unclear which roles will be reassigned for future projects and which will not. The website Collider points out that there had previously been theories that only a small number of projects would keep their cast. The Suicide Squad and Peacemaker were in the room in this regard, since Gunn had written the screenplay for both projects.

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