Lost Ark brings the hardest raid in the MMORPG, fans fail before – “We reject people because of their outfits”

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With the big December update, the infamous Brelshaza raid also found its way into our version of Lost Ark. It is the most difficult raid in the game and presents players with a tricky challenge if they are allowed to participate at all.

What kind of raid is this? The December update has arrived in Lost Ark since December 14th and, in addition to numerous quality-of-life adjustments and the new class of the summoner, it also brings the new Legion Raid Brelshaza.

Known in Korea as Abrelshud, the commander of the Phantom Legion is considered the hardest raid in the MMORPG and the veterans of the other versions have already requested numerous nerfs for the crisp raid boss, which is divided into 6 different phases.

It not only demands almost perfect gameplay from each individual competitor, but also group actions coordinated down to the last detail and mechanical sensitivity as well as a high understanding of Lost Ark itself.

It all sounds pretty difficult, but if you choose to challenge Brelshaza, some fans say you face an even bigger challenge — finding teammates.

Soon you will meet the witcher in Lost Ark and he doesn’t bring any super difficult content, just his own island:

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“The other players are the toughest gate”

Where do the fans see the problem? More and more discussions about the topic are popping up on reddit and in the forum. DPS players in particular complain and report that they sometimes had to search for more than 5 hours for a group that would take them to the raid.

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Because some requirements for fellow players are set extremely high by the groups. And it doesn’t stop at Gearscore. In addition to perfect engravings and jewels, complete set bonuses are expected there at level 2.

These only exist if you farmed the previous raid boss long enough. Even if you have all of that, it still depends on luck. If you play a too unpopular class, you have bad chances.

The odds are just as bad if you’re playing a class that’s too popular, because there are just too many people better than you. Oh, and of course, it’s best to already have the achievement of having killed the boss once to get into the popular Reclear groups. Therefore, many fans without a fixed raid group are currently frustrated.

The lack of support classes is a problem

What are people saying? Of course, we would also like to take this opportunity to let the Lost Ark fans have their say:

  • Cursedwithboredom says (via reddit): “We also reject people because of their outfits. If you can’t coordinate your outfit, you won’t have coordination in a raid mechanic either.”
  • H4LF4D writes (via reddit): “Lost Ark is so far the MMO that welcomes me least of all. Not having so many supports doesn’t help unless I play support myself, but I just don’t like Bard and Paladin.”
  • Ok Marionberry says (via reddit): “The other players are the hardest gate [bei Brelshaza]”

Have you fought Brelshaza yourself? Or have you tried and couldn’t find a group? Do you perhaps know the problem from other MMORPGs, and is it really worse in Lost Ark? Feel free to write it in the comments here at MeinMMO.

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